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Author Patricia Sargeant, also known as Regina HartWelcome!

Please remember to hit the refresh button to ensure you don’t miss any updates.

Thank you for stopping by. We have a lot of catching up to do, so brace yourselves and buckle up.

Introducing Olivia Matthews
First, I’m excited introduce a new pseudonym: Olivia Matthews.

I know. I know. “Another one?!? Are you losing your mind?!?” I do understand that three pseudonyms is a bit much, but you’re going to enjoy this one.

As Olivia Matthews, it will be my pleasure to offer for your reading enjoyment a cozy mystery series featuring Sister Louise “Lou” LaSalle, a smart, kind and funny Catholic sister who’s moved from Los Angeles, California, to the fictional town of Briar Coast in upstate New York.

The first Sister Lou mystery, Mayhem & Mass, is scheduled for a December 2017 release. I can’t wait to launch my Olivia Matthews website to share with you the cover, back cover copy and excerpts from Mayhem & Mass. I just don’t know what that website will look like yet. But I will. Soon. I’m sure of it, so stay tuned.

The Return of Patricia Sargeant
Second, I’m thrilled to announce that I’m returning to writing as Patricia Sargeant. I’ve really missed writing under my own name. As Patricia Sargeant, I wrote romantic suspense. Now, under that one name – my name – I’m going to write romantic suspense, paranormal romances, sci-fi/fantasy and time travel. I’ll also write the occasional contemporary romance, which brings us to my third announcement.

Farewell, Regina Hart
It’s with a heavy heart that I ask you to help me bid farewell to my Regina Hart contemporary romance pseudonym.

I’ve loved bringing you the Brooklyn Monarchs professional basketball trilogy, the Finding Home small town series and the Anderson Adventures computer gaming world romances. I truly did, but three pseudonyms was just too much and I really missed writing under my own name.

As I’ve mentioned, saying goodbye to Regina Hart doesn’t mean I’ll never write another contemporary romance. On the contrary; in 2017, I’m returning to my Brooklyn Monarchs. These titles will be released as, “Patricia Sargeant presents Regina Hart’s Brooklyn Monarchs.” The first story, Game Plan, is a novella to reintroduce the team. We’re putting two couples in our lineup: Anthony “The Saint” Chambers and Faith Wilcox, and Serge Gateau and Constance Street.

I’ve also heard from several readers who’d like me to wrap up the Anderson Adventures books with Xavier Anderson and Lily Beharie’s story. I’ve got that on my list. Please be patient with me, though. So many books, so little time.

So please watch for announcements and Regina Hart book giveaways. I’d really like to celebrate this time with you and reminisce about the characters we discovered with the Regina Hart books. Let’s make it a fond farewell.

Those are my updates for February 2017. Keep your seatbelts handy. I’m sure they’ll be more updates along the way.

Until then, happy reading!

Regina Hart / Patricia Sargeant / Olivia Matthews



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